Friday, May 11
Games and Geopolitics
Institute of Business and Design

10:00 - Keynote: William Huber, "The playable Stack: gaming n-dimensional geopolitics"

11:30 - Short break

11:45 - Maksim Podvalnyi, "I am the state: the totalitarian protagonists of strategy games"
12:25 - Szymon Kukulak, "Imaginary Red Army. Distorted Image of Soviet Military in Command & Conquer series"

13:05 - Lunch break

14:35 - Bartłomiej Schweiger, "Rules of global videogames field – case study of Polish and American videogame industry"
15:15 - Keynote: Paweł Frelik, "United States of Earth: Eclipse of Geopolitics in Science Fiction Video Games"
16:45 - Round Table and Closing Remarks
Saturday, May 12
Death and Macabre Aesthetics in Games, day one
Institute of Business and Design

10:00 - Conference opening
10:15 - Keynote: Karin Wenz, "Death, dying, suicide: Re-play functions in digital games"

11:45 - Short break

Panel 1
12:00 - Alexander Vetushinskyi, "The origins of horror genre in video games"
12:40 - Dmitryi Kuzmin, "How permanent is perma-death: possibility of existential emotions in virtual worlds of videogames (on the example of Teleglitch)"
13:20 - Renata E. Ntelia, "The Ostracization of Death"

14:00 - Lunch break

Panel 2
15:30 - Lana Taraday, "Jiangshi (hopping vampires) representation in video games"
16:10 - Margaret Skomorokh, "Masocore and Zombie Gaming: Life after the Death of the Game"

Sunday, May 13
Death and Macabre Aesthetics in Games, day two

10:00 - Keynote: Daniel Vella "The wanderer in the virtual ruin: digital games and the ruin-situation"

11:30 - Short break

Panel 4
11:45 - Vagan Margaryan, "Control and detached body: GTA Online experience"
12:25 - Vladislav Kirichenko, "Demonic Discourse in "Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne""
13:05 - Tomasz Z. Majkowski, "Achilles in Power Armor. The Mythology of Life-Prolonging Devices"

13:45 - Lunch break

Panel 3
15:15 - Leonid Moyzhes, "Faith, Horror and Madness: Understanding the religion of "Other gods" in Sunless Sea"
15:55 - Alina Latypova, "The Dark Game Worlds of Howard Phillips Lovecraft: Remediation and the Problem of Transmission"
16:35 - Jaroslav Švelch, "The unremarkable death of a ludic monster: Exploring the life cycles of video game enemies"

17:15 - Closing remarks

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